Service Engineer

Service Engineer

Function description

In this function you are together with a colleague responsible for all IT-related installations and problems on board the ships of our customers. This includes analysing and providing solutions for all IT related problems of a ships network, in the Netherlands and abroad.

We expect you to have an open attitude for non IT related work, as found in the ever dynamic maritime marketplace. This could include the service and installation of maritime navigation and communication equipment.

Job requirements

  • MBO level 4 work and thinking level (preferably a finished IT education)
  • Communicative and socially strong
  • Good command of the Dutch language, English and German is a plus
  • Experience with Windows, Office and CCNA is a plus
  • A valid drivers licence
  • Bosiet training is a plus
  • No 9-to-5 mentality

Company description

The company currently has about 30 employees.

Place of work


Analysing and providing solutions for all IT related problems of a ships network.

Terms of employment

  • Excellent secondary terms of employment
  • Salary depending on age and experience
  • Employment contract for an indefinite period is possible
  • Possibilities for education and training
  • CAO (collective working agreement) kleinmetaal (small metal group)

Applications procedure

Please get in touch with Mr. R.E. Witteveen for more information or mail your application with CV to

Sea Tel