Bampro marine and Probus Maritiem join forces but stay separate

Bampro marine and Probus Maritiem join forces but stay separate

In the last edition of ‘De Stroming Courant’ CEO Rob Witteveen told us about Bampro Marine in Hardinxveld- Giessendam and the newly acquired dealership with Radio Holland. This time we highlight Bampro, the acquisition and future of Probus Maritiem from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and the move of premises of both companies.

Probus Maritiem and Bampro Marine have never been ‘in each others way’ in the past while they both work more or less the same segment. Rob Witteveen: “I knew who Philip Vellekoop of Probus Maritiem was, but we never met. It was kind of special that already at our first meeting, late 2015, an acquisition of Probus Maritime by Bampro was put forth. It kind of took us both by surprise but the whole deal was arranged within a week. Important part of the deal is that both companies remain operating separately. Philip Vellekoop is still Commercial Director and as such in charge. If it is up to me he keeps doing that for the next twenty years. His commercial skills are unparalleled and he gave us insight in these matters that really opened our eyes, so to say.. We decide to keep going like we were as not to create the situation of two captains on one ship. Philip is much better on the technical aspects so we don’t want to invade each other’s field of expertise. Probus’ workforce consists of five people. The beauty of it all is that none of the customers left, that is not always the case in situations like this.”


Bampro and Probus are moving into other premises. Both just a little down the road. Bampro has moved from Hakgriend 4 to Hakgriend 1 in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. The new premises have more space which helps the logistics side of the business a lot. Now, all products can be stored in one location instead of ‘all over the place’ as was the case. We even have enough space for future expansion. Probus Maritiem,will move to a newly built location at the Noordeinde in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, close to the current place. It is a nice location with a view on the river. As is the case with Bampro, the new building will be large enough to house everything under one roof.

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Bampro and Probus complement each other well. Witteveen: “Bampro targets the bigger projects in the dredging, offshore, inshore and river cruise sectors while Probus has its arrows pointed at smaller and shorter-term projects. We supply antennas (dishes), communication systems, phones and VHF to the inshore shipping. Probus complements this with Wi-Fi, IT management and its hardware seamlessly. Together we are getting bigger in the inland shipping and this benefits Bampro in terms of widening its activities. We ask a fair price and spear point on after sales. If something unexpected happens, we are present. Our goal is to be able to replace each other so; whenever someone is not available someone else can replace him. No matter who is unavailable, even I, there always is a replacement to keep things moving forward. This is the only way to offer your clients continuity and that is the main thing. You know what? If you organise it this way, it creates ease of mind.”


Witteveen thinks a balance between younger and older employees is something one must strive to and this is visible in the company. Besides that there is a nice difference visible between the personnel that works on new builds and the service engineers. The first ones work very hard but on regular times while the service engineers know that some dinner party with their loved ones could be cancelled at the last moment due to a problem on board a ship somewhere abroad. Bampro is an approved learning company and can still use some people. “Good technicians are always welcome, just call or mail us. We emphasize on training. You have to have (or get) an MBO education as minimum. We will stimulate and even finance that. We are looking to employ motivated people”, Witteveen ends.

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