Bampro Marine acquires dealership Radio Holland

Bampro Marine acquires dealership Radio Holland

A lot is happening at Bampro Marine and the recently acquired Probus Maritiem in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. CEO Rob Witteveen told us so much that we had to split all the info into two parts. This time mainly news from Bampro.

Bampro Marine exists for over 50 years. It all started with BAM Audio, a consumer store in Gorinchem, founded by Berry de Swart who used his three initials to form the name of the company. Things took a different course when André Reitsma, father of the current owners of Scylla Robert and Andre Reitsma entered the shop and asked if Berry would also do work for/on ships. There was not much experience in that respect but it gave Berry the opportunity to turn his business around and start focussing on inland shipping and inland cruise vessels. After moving shop a couple of times the company ended-up in Hardinxsveld-Giessendam, place of birth for Rob Witteveen: “I bought the company in 2010, that was at a time that the company was in need of some new elan. It was time to focus on quality and service. I was financial director at another company and frankly I did not know much about this sector, he admits. Yet, his financial expertise helped a lot; in 2016 the company exceeded its own turnover figures while 2015 was not bad at all to.”


“We have grown to 28 employees and this figure will rise in the near future. Not too much, we want to stay medium to small, I want to be able to know every employee and customer personally”, according to Witteveen. While he learned a lot about the systems that Bampro supplies these past few years, Witteveen abides by the proverb; The gunner to his linstock, and the steersman to the helm. “Those practical people have a lot more experience. We have a very good company director: Riens van Eijk. He evolved with and within the company and is a real asset. We have a flat organisational structure and are all colleagues. I demand from our employees that they even correct me. Together we are stronger.”

Inland shipping

Technological progress has its drawbacks, look at the way a smartphone makes it difficult to isolate yourself from your surroundings, but the same developments are a blessing for shipping. “Take VSAT for example. A system that lets you make a phone call, surf the internet or Skype with your loved ones. Especially for people that are away from home for longer times this is a blessing. You no longer have to wait three weeks for an answer. They are in-on what is happening at home and that is where Bampro’s speciality lies. The company supplies Ka-Band, Ku-Band & C-Band VSAT antennas with airtime in all sizes and with all bandwidths. Systems, capable of high speed data communication, internet surfing and streaming- and VOIP telephony. We also specialise in audio and video solutions, camera-, alarm- and entertainment systems. “We are distributor for Intellian and Cobham (a.o. Seatel, Sailor and Thrane & Thrane), those are the A-brands of the market sector. As for Intellian, we are the largest distributor in the Benelux.”

Radio Holland

New is the recent dealership of Radio Holland. With this we expand into radar, chart plotters and all other equipment found on the bridge of a ship. “A co-operation that we are very happy to engage into. We want to be independent, deliver the Bampro-service and at the same time remain flexible, but also offer a wide range of products. Together with Radio Holland we can do so.”
In our next issue more about the Probus Maritiem acquisition and the move of both companies to bigger premises. Both companies stay close to their current locations. How, read the December issue.

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